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Great Embroidered Shawl/Throw, Wall Hanging, Spread or Unique Scarf / wrap (Em10-11) FREEUK SHIPPING

  • £145.00

Sometime we are tired of wearing mass produced same-same item as everyone else. That feels like wearing school uniform again. We sometimes do need to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. These days, we tend to admire and cherish hand worked items as they provide the luxury, uniqueness and special treatment that we always deserve and desire.

Whether we need regular cosy scarf around our neck to beat the Great British weather or to go with recently purchased dress, this scarf/shawl has it all. Intricate floral embroidered designs are timeless and elegant, an ideal for gift or personal use.

It has softness and cosy wool with silk threaded needle embroidery that will last.

Note: One of a kind

Colour : As seen in photos

Appr. Length: 80"

Appr. Width: 29.5"

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