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Hand hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Hasn’t it been a stressful day with strict boss, demanding house work and keeping touch with your friends? Once in a while we always desire for a calm and relax own time. May be to start a meditation or a yoga training that we always wish to attend, in Tibetan, meditate means “to make a habit”, sound of singing bowls allows focusing and calms our wanderlust mind. This big brother mind eye watches over our senses and channelised the energy into deeper meaningful tranquillity. This calm, empowered mind has the potential of realising emptiness, compassion and love. If we can bring that into our habitual routine, life would be much easier and peaceful.

Try a bowl and see which sound enlightened your chakras, the soothing effect.

Basically, each bowl comes with its own tune/ musical notes which correspond to a chakra. Therapist uses this to provide chakra treatments or chakra balancing. As you know there are seven musical notes, it is quite a task for me to find all seven chakra bowls because each one comes from a flat metal disk which hammered continuously into bowl shape. Hence, all bowls comes different note either, F, C, G,D,A,E,or B. They correspond to seven chakras including, Root chakra, Navel chakra, Stomach chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye and Crown chakra.

I personally have a bowl which I hit it once in the morning and this sound/vibration last around 5 minutes until I finish my morning coffee. With this coffee tastes better than Starbucks!!
I have a facebook page on the singing bowls if you are interested.

Sound: A
Weight: 2.6 kg approx.
Diameter: 30 cm

It comes with a free stick