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Kantha square scarf, hand stitched in silk - SQ16

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Here is a lovely hand stitched kantha scaf, purely made from recycled silk fabrics in the rural homes. Each one has a wonderful characteristics and charm of detail handworks.
In this occasion, we made them into square shapes for easy wear and tidy up the tassels. Perfect size for every day wear.

Details :
Dimension : 31" X 31"
Hand stitched with running stitches
100% Silk

Code : SQ16

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About Kantha Stitch:

Kantha stitching is also used to make simple quilts, women in Bengal typically use old saris and cloth and layer them with kantha stitch to make a light blanket , throw , bedspread and scarves. It has been very popular because it’s a very unique and each one is different. You can throw them into the wash, put them in the dryer and they come out beautifully, perfect for a house with children or pets, durable and beautiful to wear if it is a scarf.