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Happy Check Boiled Wool Blanket

  • £97.00

Boiled Wool Blankets

Boiled wool is a special type of textile which was created by boiling and agitating the wool in hot water and suds which shrinks the fabric without the use of chemicals. The result is a tighter and denser material. This technique dates back to the middle ages.
These stunning boiled wool blankets are a warmer, more durable and windproof alternations to traditional woollen blankets. They are so cosy and fabulous for a country home or a sleek city pad to add character.

Good enough to use on bed, sofa, garden throw, travel warmer and more.

Sizes: 145cm X 200cm approx.
Material: pure wool
Cold wash in machine/hand and dry out
Colour* : as seen in the picture

*we ensure our best that photos are accurate with respect to actual products colour profile.